5 effective tips to avoid Google Penalty
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5 effective tips to avoid Google Penalty

September 14, 2015

A website can be for anything. It can be something that provides an answer to a problem faced by a certain individual. It can be a source of information on a subject or a variety of topics and may even be a complete encyclopedia bent on spreading uncountable knowledge to the people. It can also be a source of earning such that it can be a full fledge business for certain group of individuals and simultaneously it might result in fulfilling a need of a specific group of customers.

SEO is the best Investment

However, doing such work takes time, effort and money as well but these are not the only challenges that an individual faces in the digital arena. Marketing is most important when it comes to online business and it is usually divided into two vast spheres generally referred to as (i) inbound marketing while the other is (ii) outbound marketing. The biggest and the marketing activity that returns the most return-on-investment is the art of ranking higher in Search Engines; which is normally referred to as search engine optimization.

Google Penalizes Site’s that Violate its Guidelines

Google the search engine giant has its own guidelines which need to be strictly followed by the website owners and their respective marketers who work to get the website on top in the SERPs. Whoever violates these guidelines ends up some sort of a penalty slapped by Google which results in having your page ranking go down or in some extreme cases your website ends up getting banned. This is what we normally would refer to as a Google penalty however there are different types of Google’s penalties which are discussed in corresponding articles.

The google penalty can be avoided if the right preventive measures are taken by the website owners and this preventive measure can help you save time, money and investment done on the website to get it ethically dominate the internet. Following are some of the common errors that people do to get afflicted with the Google penalty. They are;

  • Copy and Paste Content (Plagiarized Content)


You should know that google hates plagiarized content and websites with more than 20% copied content end up with getting banned or penalized in some other way. Hence, it is a good way to get the Google the penalty.

  • Poor Links


Yes, poor links can get you in a dustbin. If your link structure is weak or based on spam links or paid links then you are surely going to end up with google penalty.

  • No Activity


A web page or website with no activity for longer periods of time ends up with the google penalty. It is better if individuals post some new content or make changes every 2 weeks.

  • Lack of Social media presence


If you do not have lots of social media buzz then start preparing a good social media strategy for Google takes social media factors into consideration otherwise you might end up with a google penalty.

Avoid the errors mentioned above and work ethically to get the best results from your SEO strategy.

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