A guide to page speed insight
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A guide to page speed insight

November 9, 2014

A guide to page speed insightThe pagespeed insights is actually a tool that assists developers come up with suggestions on how to make pages faster. The pagespeed insights API also allows for the generation of pagespeed scores and improve the speed of search results.

Elementary page speed insight procedure

The very basic of requirements is to have an account with the search engine service provider. In the case of google, just that email account suffices. This is the only way to acquire an API key. The API key is very vital in making an application to google.

Familiarize with page speed

Knowledge of the best web performance best practices is a must-have if you are to succeed in improving page speed. It will also assist you to know what you exactly need.

Identify your google application

With the help of the API key, every time you send a request to pagespeed insights, your identity will be very obvious. This is unlike the case when you do your google application without the API key.

So, how do you acquire and use the API key?

This is a pretty simple procedure for any established developer. The break-down of the steps are as below;

  • Click the google developer console
  • Choose on a project
  • Expand the “API&auth” on the left sidebar. Once here, click on APIs and turn on the status for the pagespeed insights API.
  • Choose on “credentials” on the left sidebar.
  • Once at the credentials, choose on the most appropriate one for your project.

What more on how to improve search results using the API keys?

Done with the API key application? Here are some other basics that will really assist you if you are a curious beginner interested in improving your search results.

  1. Web applications that use the java script in accessing the pagespeed insights API have to disclose details on the script’s origin.
  2. For API key applications that do not access user information and yet, still calls for the application, a service account will be of help.

These are some of the tips and guide to page speed insights. For more details on the same, visit the google accounts documentation. There lies detailed coverage on all the above mentioned!!!

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