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January 31, 2015

SEO Specialist Skills

As an SEO career the search engine optimization specialist job description can vary from  place to place. In fact there are many skills that an SEO specialist is expected to have. This can vary from being an analytical thinker to creating SEO copy. Moreover the search engine optimization expert needs to have a wide variety of skills. To add up some of these skills are:

  • Website analysis
  • Keyword analysis
  • SEO copywriting
  • Search engine awareness
  • Knowledge of HTML and blogging
  • SEO terminology, including organic search, PPC marketing and CTR.
  • Perfect communication skills

 Job Description of a SEO expert

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a much used term however without a realistic job description that clearly sets out your expectations in this fast changing world. One might run the risk of hiring someone with an “out of date” skills and techniques.

We would say that the role of the SEO expert/specialist has developed hugely since the early days of the internet.

SEO was established in the early days. As soon as there was material  on the web it needed to be found  as quickly and efficiently as possible and so website optimization developed and along came the SEO specialist/expert.

The best candidates and jobs are now strategic as well as technical and analytic. In fact you would be surprised if the simple term “SEO” does the job justice any more?

As the internet has grown in size and sophistication so has the role of the SEO expert. Initially this job seemed to be on-site focussed e.g.

  • Key word research
  • Directories
  • blogs
  • Authentic material and content
  • Make the architecture search friendly

A typical job description of SEO

Some ideas to include in your SEO career/ job description.

  • Make sure that all websites and internet properties which is taken care of have been technically optimized to attract and engage those visitors that closely match the agreed profile of the target audience
  • Build the required technical infrastructure.
  • Create systems and strategies internally that ensure all content is optimized across all platforms and user experiences.
  • Help set, and work to, performance indicators for SEO that everyone understands and which complement overall marketing and business objectives
  • Promote both offsite and onsite activities and also the interactions that promote ranking, profile and traffic

Thus it is very much evident that a SEO career is very challenging and unique in its own way and requires particular set of skills. Moreover one needs to be up to date and versatile at the same moment. One need to be a good thinker analytically and one should be well versed with some latest techniques.

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