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All You Need to Know about Black Hat SEO?

November 6, 2014

All You Need to Know about Black Hat SEO?Black hat seo is used to attain higher rankings in search engine unethically. It cracks search engine rules and regulations. Encased by the spamdexing, it entails manipulation of the way how the search engines recognize the significance of any inconsistencies of the Web in relation to their guidelines.  Some of the prominent examples of black hat Seo’s are cloaking, hidden text, and blog comment spam.

Why is it undesirable?

These practices actually offer short-run gain in seo rankings. But, in case your foul doings of spammy techniques are detected, the possibility of being penalized runs the risk of being penalized by search engines. The kind of unauthentic SEO is a short-sighted solution to a long-term problem.

What are the ways considered Black Hat?

Black Hat SEO is a condemned practice of seo techniques that increases page rank in SERP (search engine result page). The Google’s Webmaster Guidelines openly denounces the list of techniques applied by the Black hats. Some of the tactics are:

Doorway Pages, Content Automation, links or Hidden Text, Reporting a Competitors Keyword Stuffing, Reporting a Competitor, Sneaky Redirects, Cloaking.

So what should I do to avoid this internet evil?

The SEO experts warn the website owners to ditch the black hat seo at all costs or else their sites might begin to drop sharply in rankings with little chances of revival.

Don’t hide anything in the code of your website. Google is more concerned to see the interest of the users, but some try to deceive the search engine with mean trick of keyword stuffing. Beat this.

Don’t create image that is too small for the visitors to perceive, and never stuff the alt tag with as much multiple keywords as you can. The search engine takes it for suspicion if lengthy keywords stuff the alt tags.

Never try to hide spam content from the web clients. It will only make the way for the search engines to observe it. There is a chance that you might get caught.

Basically, be sure that the search engines and the users are observing the same thing.

If you follow all this seo techniques, there is nothing to worry about.  So be careful of black hat seo that can ban you from the search engines with severity.

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