Avoiding the Panda Penalty with top-notch content
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Avoiding the Panda Penalty with top-notch content

December 2, 2015

Google had officially declared that good quality content will be one of the prime factors in a site’s search engine ranking and that the only way to optimum success in gaining organic reach would be the nature and quality of the content that is displayed in your web pages. We all know how people used to dupe Google’s search engine algorithms and violate the guidelines in order to attain higher ranking and hence greater revenue. But those days are over and in these following lines we are going to teach you how you can evade the panda penalty and simultaneously create excellent quality content.

  • Do not focus too much on the keywords


To say that keywords have lost all importance since the panda penalty has been introduced will be a wrong way to interpret things. However, we may imply that the importance of keywords has definitely declined and ideas like keyword stuffing or traditional research do not have space in modern SEO. Rather, what is important is the quality of the content that you produce and it natural flow of words.

  • Keep the content flowing


The content needs to keep fluid and knowledgeable at the same time. If your content does not attract the individuals who visit your site then this is an alarming situation. Make sure your content is providing some useful information and that the visitors stay a longer period of time on your site. This way you can avoid the panda penalty.

  • Content Placement is the key


Where is your content placed? Is it easily accessible or do people have to strive to find it? These are questions of significance as far as the Google panda is concerned because poorly placed content will only make you lose visitors due to which your site’s ranking might get punished under the panda penalty and also lose out on its ranking. Keep your content where it is easily located by readers, this way their time on the site may get extended resulting in positive outcomes for your site ranking.

  • Maintain Originality and Uniqueness


One of the key features of the panda penalty is its intolerance to copied and plagiarized content. Google has a clear stance against any copied content and it will simply run down your site from the SERPs if it has more than 20% copied content as a general rule. The idea is to be original when it comes to content, uniqueness is the key to get placed higher up the rankings.

  • Frequency of New Content


Keep adding new content gradually to your website. Google will fall in love with your site if it sees new fresh attractive content every once in a while but it has to be unique to avoid the panda penalty. Keep in mind that this could mean adding content every day or twice a day or even once every two weeks but not later than that otherwise you might end up in some trouble.

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