Best wordpress seo plugins that can help you online
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Best wordpress seo plugins that can help you online

October 4, 2015

WordPress beats all other website building platforms when it comes to search engine optimization, ready to use interface and user friendliness. However, another interesting feature of wordpress are its amazing plugins that can be used in order to further improve a website’s performance. In this article we have taken the pains to list some of the most commonly used yet highly important best wordpress seo plugins that are necessary for the better performance of any online venture. They will help you gain more traffic, analyze the nature of the traffic and also boost sales as a result.

  • ‘I Love Social Bookmarking’ Plugin


If you love being on social media and generally share your content over there but somehow you sometimes miss out on sharing content, then no worries, for this plugin is just the thing you need. This social plugin will help you, especially you have a blog because it will easily share your content on popular social bookmarks such as dig and delicious. This will definitely help in increasing your social media engagement resulting in greater popularity of your blog.

  • SEO Smartlinks


Probably the most useful and also the best wordpress seo plugin is the SEO smartlinks. This plugin does wonders for your blogs and terrifically helps us in optimizing our sites for search engines quite easily. This plugin helps in engaging readers and visitors by carefully connecting (linking) keywords and phrases on your site and the comments etc. to create a perfectly SEO sound web page which successfully gains traffic.

  • WP Super Cache


Page load time plays a significant role in the SEO recipe and this is why this is on our list of best wordpress seo plugins. The idea behind this is to make pages load faster by replacing the heavy php scripts with lighter static html pages which tend to load faster. Search engines index your pages faster if your site is easily accessible and loads faster. This way the crawler makes its way to site’s pages and the plugin helps in augmenting your presence in the search engine results pages.

  • Robots Meta Plugin


All website will have some pages that are not as good as the others or some pages are made for management or for a certain class of customers. Such pages can cause dips in your site’s ranking as Google normally takes a holistic view of your whole website and such pages definitely result in negative marking by the search engine. The best way to get rid of such incidents is to use the no follow tag however, the Robots meta plugin helps adding ‘no follow’ to pages which you do not want the search engine to follow.

Above mentioned are some of the best wordpress seo plugins that are being used by professionals around the web. We recommend you use them accordingly to see positive outcomes for your website, online business or blog.

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