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January 25, 2015

Someway, the black color has constantly been connected with bad stuff. From blackmail to black sheep of the family, the remark black is used to explain various down beat and unlawful practices. Even in the globe of SEO, a parallel trend follows plus all illegal actions are jointly recognized as black hat SEO technique. In the primary phases, these techniques might seem alluring and valuable but later could cause devastating damage to your web site and company. Therefore, businesses must always make a distance from Black Hat SEO Techniques and service. However, before these services could be avoided, one must know which technique are measured unlawful by search engines.

Some of the utmost common Black Hat SEO Techniques used by agency to drive more traffic flow to the web site comprise:

Keyword Stuffing

The algorithms as well as search results on search engines rotate around key words. If the key words are not selected or included correctly in the contented then a web site might not grade high on search engines. However, there is a thin line among keyword optimization as well as keyword stuffing also you have to recognize this difference. If key words are stuffed in the contented then it is measured unethical plus might lead to blacklisting of your web site on Google as well as other leading SEs.

Content - Black Hat Company would not continue your blog filled with related and up-to-date content. Why? White Hat Company knows that Copy writers are one of the most significant pieces in their SEO mix plus would pay them consequently. Black Hat companies would cut corners, creating spammy as well as even childlike posts, which could slash your company’s trustworthiness and even get you barred from search engines.

Invisible Text

For persons new to the globe of SEO services, the word invisible text might sound a little odd. We will like to tell you that there is no method using which invisible text could be created. Rather, this is a mal practice wherever white text is written over white back ground in order that users could not see it. This text is place just to draw SE crawlers as well as boost the grade of the web site.

Doorway Pages

Under this Black Hat SEO Techniques, a fake web page is produced for SE spiders. The reason of hosting a door way page is to get the page index on search engines plus improve the web site ranking. However, this page is once more not accessible for users and they might never be capable to see it.


The word cloaking is used to refer to the practice of create two diverse web sites – one for genuine users as well as one for SE crawler.

Bait and Switch - Otherwise recognized as cloaking, several SEO companies would trick visitors in to visiting their website by using key words that link to unrelated, broken or even damaging sites. They might use a well-liked keyword like a celebrity’s name that has been in the reports, and link it to your website.


In the end, we will like to make you conscious of the detail that even SE agency use such technique to deliver consequences to customers. If you actually desire to prevent your web site from getting black listed on search engines, look for reputable SEO companies plus employ them to handle your web site.

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