Does The Rise Of Social Media Mean The Death Of SEO?
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Does The Rise Of Social Media Mean The Death Of SEO?

October 4, 2014

Does The Rise Of Social Media Mean The Death Of SEO?Some people believe that social media marketing is better than SEO and it will end SEO in a matter of time. This matter will discuss briefly in this article.

Social media websites are visited by millions of people daily, for example the well known social media website Facebook has 800 million users while Google+ has 40 million users. Website owners are starting to use social media for marketing and promoting their website’s, this is turning out to be an effective strategy because when there are so many users on the website there’s a better and greater chance that some of the might visit your website and if they like it they will revisit and also bring with them more traffic. Search engine optimization is widely used still but if come to think of it search engine optimization is a rather slow process while social media marketing is the better and faster of the two. You also need SEO tips for SEO whereas social media marketing is very simple.

Why People Opt For Social Media

Search engine optimization is still very valuable if it is done right and it can promote your website and increase its rank on the search engine result page if it is done correctly. Still some people find search engine optimization slow and complicated and that’s why they find social media marketing easier and faster. It seems like a good idea that if you promote your website on social media many people may see it and your website will get popular very quickly and you don’t need SEO tips.

Social Media Helps Search Engines

When you try to make your website popular on the social media you get ratings in the form of shares and likes. This helps the search engine to identify your website’s credibility and popularity, the more there are likes the higher your rank will be on the search engine result page. In search engine optimization you have to make sure that your content is authentic and the links are trustworthy or else the search engine will label your website as untrustworthy.

It is clear that both the processes are effective but social media marketing is faster and easier but at the end of the day they both have to work side by side.

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