Domain Authority and its impact on your SEO strategy (What is domain authority)
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Domain Authority and its impact on your SEO strategy (What is domain authority)

October 8, 2015

Search engine optimization is the better way to go about building online business rather than opting for the alternative that is search engine marketing. Since, PPC is slowly becoming quite expensive marketers are returning their focus back to Search engine optimization since it promises a better ROI as well. However, there has always been a question as to how we are going to measure the success or failure of our SEO campaign and what metrics need to be applied in order to properly report the changes that have been made.

Measuring SEO Activity

Well, there are quite a few things that people on the internet developed as metrics for understanding SEO. There is the page ranks, page authority and the domain authority etc. all these are important SEO measurement scales. Page rank is the level of significance that Google gives to your site but the natural question arises what is domain authority and how it helps web masters to understand and evaluate their site’s performance.

So what is domain authority?

Well, domain authority is site metric developed by which is perhaps the most renowned marketing software and consulting online. They worked hard to understand what Google makes of a website and what indicators or factors are employed by the search engine in order to rank it. They performed experiments and vigorous research to come up with the domain authority which is the cumulative metric of your sites predicted performance in the search engine since the metric itself is modelled on Google algorithms.

The domain authority constitutes forty or more factors which Moz thinks are important for sites to look out for in order to rank higher in search engines. The idea is to give marketers an insight into their SEO campaigns and make the appropriate changes so that they best possible search engine rankings can be achieved.

Improving Domain Authority

So I guess we have answered well as to what is domain authority but again remember that it is algorithmic based site metric and that it will be easier to move from ten to twenty than it is to move from seventy to eighty. All important factors have been incorporated in this domain authority and it provides useful information to marketers so that they can tweak their campaigns to perfection.

Difference between Domain Authority and Page Authority

Domain authority is quite different from page authority. The domain authority takes a holistic view of the whole website its domains and sub domains as well while on the other hand we have page authority which is specifically for a single page on your website. Hence, it can be understood domain authority is a better metric to judge your whole website’s engagement and SERPs rankings than page authority which will only provide information regarding a particular page on the website.

A good SEO would use this metric as a measure of its efforts however it is not recommended to analyze it based on a history of scores over a period of time rather it should be measured in comparison with another competitor for better results.


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