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Evolution Of SEO: How It Has Changed Over The Years

October 5, 2014

Evolution Of SEO: How It Has Changed Over The YearsEvolution is part of life; SEO has also evolved in the past few decades and is continuing its evolution. In this article we will shed some light on the history of SEO.

January 1993 was the dawn of internet and Netscape Navigator was the lone browser at that time. During the 1990’s search engine optimization was very simple and the webmasters only needed to add keywords to the articles and submit the website to the search engine. Later in 1998 search engine optimization became a little more advanced and pages were starting to be ranked according to the content it holds and the credibility of the page. Slowly search engine optimization started to get even more advanced and challenging and didn’t remain a piece of cake.

Google Launches

Later in 1998 Google search engine was launched which later became the most used and most popular search engine of the world. It brought with itself new innovations and algorithms which are largely used in to find the relevant links. As Google stepped in the world of internet it brought with itself and whole new idea of search engine optimizations and online marketing. SEO is very difficult nowadays especially for beginners and the reason behind it is Google’s interference in the internet. After it began to gain popularity Google’s algorithm begins to consider domain’s authority.

Complexity Of SEO

In 2011 when Google updated it search engine and because of that Google reputation got further boosted. Ways to carry out search engine optimization successfully also increased as search engines got upgraded. Websites also began to advance and grow bigger; as a result SEO became a marketing strategy and old school SEO’s had to learn the new techniques to SEO marketing.  As SEO strategies grew marketing agencies started to offer search engine optimization services which would help is promoting the website and raise its rank. Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques are still advancing and so are websites and they needing promotion.

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