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Features of Quality backlinks

May 5, 2015

There was a time when people used to rank their website in a day or two with the help of building links, regardless they are quality backlinks or not. Then the quality did not count over quantity. However, thinking so in this era of seo, you are doing nothing but preparing for a nightmare.

If you want to boost the power of your business, you can high quality build backlinks. Here you should remember that not all link quality is equal. It is also possible that some links can harm your website and some can do no good to your website. That is why your focus should be on earning high quality backlinks.

Features of a Quality Backlink

There are some features that a quality backlink should have. Below are the features of a high quality backlink.

    • Link from relevant source: Search engine look to provide related information in their search result. Therefore, relevancy of the page that link to your site is a must. Google counts this factor so well that it could even penalize your for gaining irrelevant links.
  • Trusted source:


    • It is easy realize that a high quality backlink is generated from a high quality website which is in other word is a very trusty worthy site. Example of Some high quality/trustworthy sites is; Wikipedia, CNN, BBC etc.
  • With Exact/ synonym/phrase match anchor text:


    • When the anchor text of the link matches to the keyword, the quality of the backlink gets increased. However, it is unnatural to have all the links with same anchor text. So diversify the anchor texts. For example: if your target keyword is “weight lose tips”, Then use variation of the keywords like “weight loss program”, ”losing weight”, “get slim” and so on.
  • Editorial links: 


    • Search engines value this type of links most. When your link is found on the body of the content, it is considered as editorial link. When your link is within the first part of the content, it is usual to consider your link more important. Therefore, webmasters are fond of getting link from an early part of content than a lower part of the content.
  • With PageRank: 


    • It is a good source to get backlink from though Google has announced that it is not updating PR anymore. Generally, a website starts its journey with a PR of zero or n/a. Google updates PR in every three months or so.
  • besides backlinks to high quality sites: 


    • If your site is mentioned with other high quality sites, then it is considered that your site has quality information like in those high quality websites that are mentioned with your site.
  • Not reciprocal: 


    • If you have reciprocal links, the chances are you will be penalized and Google think you are contracting to for link gaining. Therefore, a quality backlink should not be from among reciprocal links.
  • Not easy to get:


  • A quality backlink is not easy to get. If a link is easily acquirable it is tend to be low in quality. Therefore, this is another important feature of a high quality backlinks.

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