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April 19, 2015

Free online proofreading tool is much more accessible and useful to every blogger and teachers as well. The number of bloggers, freelancer writers and critical novelists are increasing day by day. In old days the authors ware having a team of few peoples to proofread and check for spelling-grammatical errors for their writings. But that is now moved to the past. In present days the writing method, publications and proofreading’s all getting upgraded and easier. It’s saving time and money both. If you are a professional writer, maybe you can use a premium proofreading program. But once you are a blogger or a freelancer writer, then you might not be able to spend much for this. No worries, your writing sprit can’t be on hold for that. There is some free online proofreading tools which I am going to introduce you with now, can be your best supporting hand in this case.

  • Polishmywriting:
  • This is one of the most freedom writer’s best choices. This tool can proofread your article or stories online and of course totally out of costs. Some of its best feature is it will highlight the errors in your article in different colors. Like: Red for spelling errors, Green for grammatical errors and Blue for styling suggestions. Also Polishmywriting will provide you the result very quickly as other free online proofreading tools will do.
  • Paper Rater:
  • When you are looking for something with more facilities, then you must try PaperRater even for once. This free online proofreading tool is having some extra features as Plagiarism Detection, Auto Grader, Spelling and Grammar Check, Readability Statistics, Title Validation and Vocabulary Builder tool.
  • Language Tool:
  • Once you wrote something in a language which is not supported by your regular proofreading tool. Then, it’s the reason why you should choose LanguageTool. By this one, you can check for errors of your writings in more than 20 languages including English, Germen, French, Polish and more. So a new language in your writing is no longer a problem with this free online proofreading tool.
  • Slick Write:
  • Some peoples are really so choosy about their writings. If you are one of them, then you should be going for SlickWrite then. Because, by this one you can analyze your work in details. Phrases, filler words, uncommon words, adverbs, passive words, prepositions are very easy with this free online proofreading tool. Also you can track your quality of writings with it. So improvement is very much easy with it.
  • After the Deadline:
  • In short, there are many options when you want to have a free online proofreading tool. But not all the tools are working in the same way. So you should be familiar with various tools to be sure about your error less article or stories. By using these above mentioned free tools you can save money and increase your writings quality as well.
  • Yah, this name looks little stiff. But trust me, it offers very quick and helpful proofreading service. To check spelling, grammar and styles, AfterTheDeadline is one of the easiest choices of many writers. Also if you have a blog, they provide some free apps which can be used all over your blog. Isn’t it sounding so cool! Actually it is.

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