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How Do Search Engines Rank Websites?

October 8, 2014

How Do Search Engines Rank Websites?Search engines are widely used all over the world but most people come across the question that how do search engines rank websites. That question will be answered in this article.

Search engine optimization is a process through which website owners van promotes their respective websites and increase their ranks on the search engine result page. Search engines line Google, Bing or Yahoo rank websites on the basis of four things which are: popularity of website, anchor text, concentration and usage of keywords and domain authority. If you really want to increase the rank of your website then you have to concentrate on these principals because if you can accomplish this entire task then your website will certainly be on the top of the list on the search engine result page.

Website Popularity

It is imperative that we keep in mind that search engines only display those links and websites which it finds to be useful for the researcher and user. Website popularity is gained by number of visitors you have for your website daily and good amount of web traffic can only be earned when the content of your website is up to the mark and useful. So you should bear in mind that your website’s content has to be upgraded daily and for that the best way is to hire a content writer.

Domain Trust/Authority

The credibility of your website in relation to search engines is called domain trust. Domain authority or trust depends upon the links which are coming to your website. The trust level of your domain can be in danger in the search engine is able to find out that the links coming to your website is not of a trustworthy domain and the search engine will label your website as untrustworthy. To minimize this chance the best option is to link your website with credible websites.

It is better for you if you cover all of these tasks so that the search engine can consider your website to be trustworthy, credible and can give your website a high rank.

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