How Does a Link Wheel Actually Work?
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How Does a Link Wheel Actually Work?

October 20, 2015

Online business is easier to set up but difficult to run and compete in. You can easily setup a business entity online but what is the use of an entity if it fails to provide you with visitors to your site or online workplace, let alone revenue.

This is a dilemma that haunts all new and existing digital ventures trying to make space among the millions of competitors and thousands of new challenges that are faced as time progresses. At the end of the day, it pretty much comes to the fact that how good you perform at marketing online.

Search Engine Optimization and its Importance

It is generally agreed that the most important aspect of the digital marketing mix is the world of Search Engine Optimization. SEO, as it is referred to in brief, is the major battlefield in the marketing warzone and requires intensive work to get you website into the top page ranks and that too for the right keywords.

However, the internet giants who index web pages, called Search Engines, such as Google, Bing etc. keep on introducing newer, yet not always complex, algorithms which are meant to provide their customers, the people who search, with the best search results there are possible. These new algorithms bring forward new challenges to SEO experts who are bent on keeping their top rankings and hence have to develop techniques that aid them in surviving in the digital sphere.

The Link Wheel Technique

The SEO technique mostly ignored is that of the ‘Link Wheel’ which has been appreciated by a wide majority of those who tried its implementation into their online SEO strategy but first you should know what a link wheel actually is before you plan its implementation.

A link wheel is basically a collection of links which are systematically designed to increase your page rank, keyword strength and your position in major search engines. It comprises of a technique in which the idea is to build a link nest around a main website; the links are inter-linked between the web 2.0 properties and the main website which will allow more traffic influx to your main website and increase its page rank as well.

How to create the Link Wheel?

For the purpose of creating a link wheel, you must use web 2.0 properties such as blogger, WordPress and other such resources to give more recognition to your existing main page which will be your bread earner at the end of the day. Each blog or web page that you design for this purpose is ideally supposed to be on rich and optimized keywords so that they direct relevant traffic and recognition to your page. The article or blog should ideally have at the most two links in it; one towards the main site and one towards another article or piece of content on another of your blogs.

This way you main site starts gaining traffic from relevant visitors and the search engines start listing your site as a genuine and original website due to its links with other blogs which are creating rich and heavy content. It is unfortunately mostly under-rated but the results of the link wheel technique are definitely outstanding.


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