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January 21, 2015

To reveal the deep basement of an author’s reasoning academics are using some common words. These are called keywords. When someone enters some words in a search engine to find their answer, those words can be described as keywords.  Back in the day, a web pages rank could be easily grown up by just inserting the vast amount of keywords. Now-a-days this problem takes an important role to penalize the sites ranking.


As an answer to this problem, we can consider LSI Keywords. LSI is elaborated to Latent Semantic Indexing. It is an indexing technique to search words with the contexts of their similar meaning. It can find out the conceptual content of a text-body by inserting connections between those terms that can be found in similar context. Simply put, it’s an SEO term for Synonyms or Keywords relation.

For Example, a user searched for the word “apple” and the search engine found a web page with the word “apple” on it. Now, Apple can be referred to ‘a fruit’ ‘A brand Company’ or maybe ‘A pet’. If we use fruit, taste and flavor of the page, the LSI will index the word “Apple” as ‘A fruit’. This actually gives a sense to the page.

LSI Keywords is also an application using correspondence analysis to the context. The technique was developed by Jean-Paul Benzedrine back at ‘70s. He used a contingency table by counting words in documents.

It is called Latent Semantic, because it can correlate semantically related terms that are latent (common) in a collection of text. During 80s, it was applied in Bellcore. Sometimes it’s also called LSA (latent Semantic Analysis).

The method solves two of the most dilemmas of Boolean Keyword Queries. a. Multiple words may have similar meanings- known as synonym and a single word may have multiple meaning – known as polysemy. It also used in automatic documentation, performance. It is an easy way to create category index.

How to Find LSI Keywords:

To find LSI keywords, Google Search is an easy and most popular method. Writing key term in search field of Google will automatically brings and show the keywords related to the particular subject.

Google also provides a tool knows as Google Keyword Planner tool. During building a webpage the developer/author can find the LSI keywords and put them into their context.  Website Building CMS software can be attached with SEO plug-ins to set LSI keywords on the content of the page. There are many Plug-INS available in the web, such as Suppressor, EasyWPSEO etc.

LSI keywords are to be used in content, title, highlighted words, heading of the context. Can also used in anchor text linking to a perspective post/page and hyperlink to external links.

Using same keywords repeatedly doesn’t work. Using in important place of the context does matter importantly.

Remember, it is an important tool for Search Engine Optimization.  Make Sure to write quality content and use related keywords throughout the context/content. If you know use of Meta description, use LSI there too.

Building Materialized connections with other websites, blogs, and context is highly suggested. Don’t build thousands of keywords quickly, but build few useful ones.

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