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April 28, 2015

Before knowing what is keyword difficulty, you should know that you need to work hard differently for each different keywords. It is because the competition of each keyword is not the same to other keywords.

Now, the keyword difficulty is the amount of hardship you need to do to rank for a particular keyword on Google. Moz. introduced this term. In some free tools, you can find keyword difficulty for each keyword easily.

This calculation is carried out by seomoz research tool that take into consideration some factors of top 10 search result pages to find the score. Those metrics are the competition of the keyword, the amount of bidder for the paid search, the amount paid for each click, the search volume of the keyword.

It is mathematically difficult to understand how seomoz brings all these things together. However, it is true that it calculates a percentage number that provides you an estimation of how hardship you are going to take to rank for the analyzed keyword. The higher the percentage of the difficulty of a keyword, the more difficult the keyword is.

Why it is important to find keyword difficulty?

No matter how big the budget is for your seo campaign, how much time you spend for your business, how much hardship you do, as a small business all things of yours would be in vein if you ignore keyword difficulty. If you fail this step, the chances are you are going to face a bumpy road. In other words, you are going to waste money and time.  Therefore, to make the campaign successful and a perfect target it is very important to find out the keyword difficulty.

ü A small yet effective Tip for small business:

Since the top and powerful brands tend to target high competitive keywords, it is wise to target the low competitive keywords as high authority websites do not target them. Therefore, you can do very well for the low competitive keywords and bring more traffic.

How can you find the keyword difficulty for a keyword?

There are many tools available online where you can find out the keyword difficulty for your keyword. The top two worth mentioning tools are-

  • MOZBAR: it is a free plugin by seo moz for Google chrome web browser. After installing and activating the tool, you can see keyword difficulty button beside search button on Google search result page. With this, you can also find out page authority, domain authority, moz rank, links counts to each of the pages.
  • LONG TAIL PRO: Spencer Haws develops this paid but trial applicable tool. After opening the tool, go to competitor analysis tab. Then put your keyword and begin analyzing. In a few seconds (depends on your internet connection speed), you will find the result. On that window, you will see the keyword difficulty of that keyword.

How to know if your keywords difficulty is low?

As mentioned earlier, the higher the number of a keyword, the more difficult is the keyword to rank for. The keyword having less than 35 score tends to be a low difficult keyword. Finally, you should keep keyword difficulty in your mind when planning keywords.

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