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March 28, 2015

Keywords are taking big part of seo works and so does keyword ranking. To make a better content, you will need some best keywords to reach the target audience. To choose a better keyword it’s easy if you can know the keyword ranking in the search engine. Although google is having AdWords keyword tool for this, but when you are looking for some advance result, you might try some other tools to check the keyword ranking.

Maximum website owners are having a question in their mind that how to improve the keyword ranking. Some free ranking checker tools can answer your question easily. And this web ranking data is always good to know. But what everyone really wants is to just rank higher and be on the top. For both organic SERP and AdWords, higher keyword rank can be achieved simply with keyword research tools.

When you are having a higher position in search results, it must be reflected by the keywords you use in your site and contents. To get a rich keyword you must have to track the keyword ranking. As I said above, you can check the ranking of your keyword with googles AdWords keyword tool or by any other third party tool. But the problem with these third party tools is they are not personalized. They are giving the same common keywords to everyone. That’s why you can’t have any competitive edge. And also hard to know how relevant they are with your business.

To solve this issue you can base your keyword list on real and private data. Use word stream for keyword research. You can leverage your own website data from some keyword database like; Private, Personalized, Extensive, Accurate and Relevant. When your keyword list is evolved from the actual keywords that real people have used to find your site, you know that they are very relevant to you. This way you can know also that which keywords are actually being used for your site. Which keywords are giving you most traffic and conversations, you could know them easily. Public keyword tools can only provide fuzzy estimates which are really useless sometimes. Because of this, you can try some premium keyword tool.

One better idea is to go for a long tail keyword. These keywords are longer and less common. These types of keywords are offering some advantages for search marketers. Not too many peoples are using long tail keywords. So it’s easy to be in high rank due to the lower competition. Also they are more targeted. Longer keywords show more intent. They say more about the searcher is looking for. So it’s easy to know their needs and you can serve them easily.

Also you can make group and organize keywords for higher ranking. Effectively grouping your keywords makes a big difference when it comes to improve your individual keyword ranking. This is because hardly related keyword group starts more strategic search marketing initiatives. Well implemented and organized keyword groups contribute to: More targeted PPC ads, stronger information architecture, more targeted landing pages.

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