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May 9, 2015

A stiff link building strategy is the central pillar of success in seo. You can use too many ways for successful link building. However, not all the approaches are giving the same result. If you roam around, you will see many experts are talking about the link building strategies. You might be getting confused to select the best. So here, I made a combination of some big expert’s strategies. You know it is a win-win situation in all-over the link building firms. Therefore, some well-experienced advice is always the best way to resolve the issues.

  • Content creation and Social exhibition is always became the favourite one for Rand Fishkin (MOZ). These are consistently producing very useful and interesting contents which are being so clear to the audience. Social media is always helping to amplify the contents to a very big audience. Therefore, as per this expert’s link building strategy, you should create some beautiful contents first to build a strong ling.
  • In addition, some other experts like James Parsons thinks Guest Blogging is one of the best link building strategies to build a good link. It works as if you should go to some sites or blogs, which are the top listed in search engines, make some anonymous post there and link it to your site/blog. It seems quit easier. Actually it is.
  • Online tools like calculators are earning links like no others here. Sometimes these things are taking only a single resource to start a link with Bang!!
  • Embed some offers in the content. Posts on a blog should have some offers in the texts. For info graphics, it could be mentioned at the last or the middle as well.
  • When you give a link to anyone, try to track it. You can use some link shortener to make it easy. Also you can tag your URL’s for tracking in Google Analytics
  • Thought leadership, Bio’s and interviews are also a good link building strategy to achieve fast audiences. This type of contents are always getting liked and followed by the common audiences. So make some contents of this type and put their link in some places where that is being discussed as well.
  • Again it’s about the social media sites. In such places readers can make links for you too. As like Facebook, Twitter; do some short post their about your blog or site post and put the link for full stories. Continue the discussion there. Because these will produce links for you faster than any other ways do.
  • If you are working with a big brand, then it could be easier for you to make a lot of links. You can have some friendly peoples who can make link of your site on their blog or site. But in this case, remember that Google is following your outward links too. So do some linking for the peoples who is doing for you too.


Well, let’s say it in one word that, when you are not having too much intelligence to make peoples search and come to your site by their own, then good link building strategies are the best way to reach them by yourself. Keep building great links, follow the experts and hope that you will be successful too.

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