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May 17, 2015

If I say, there are two types of keyword and one of them is long tail keywords, do not get shocked! Yes, rather there are two types of perfect keywords. One is for big business and the other one is for small one. If you observe, you can see that not all our keyword phrase that we search for are not of same length. Some are two-word keywords, and some are four word or more. The keywords that are more than three words and more specific are known as long tail keywords.

Such keywords are very specific search terms that include three or more search term. Most of the time, it contains a seed keyword having a length of one or two words.

For example,

Seed Keyword: “fat  loss”

Long tail Keyword: fat loss program for busy men”,” fat loss workout for teens” etc.

As I mentioned before, Long tail keywords are more specific; hence, it brings you more and more conversion-friendly traffic.

What are the Benefits of Such Keywords?

  • Quality Traffic and better conversion rate


As long tail keywords are highly targeted, you will get visitors that are more qualified. For example, enhancing the rank for “cheap blue wooden sunglasses” will get more relevant visitors than content ranking for “sunglasses”.  Moreover, as it is more relevant to the traffic, a greater portion of visitor will ultimately purchase those sunglasses.

  • Less competitive


Not anyone looking for “cheap blue  wooden sunglasses” is looking for “wooden sunglasses”. Not everyone searching for “wooden sunglasses” is looking for “Cheap blue Wooden sunglasses”. To simplify, the deeper you dive in the niche to target, the better competitive it is.

  • It recovers your search rankings


If for any reason, you slip in the search ranking for a seed keyword, (if you are one of few in top positions) this type of keywords will help you not to lose all traffic. When you utilize keyword variation in your content, loosing rankings for few keywords will not interrupt your business. Besides, later, you can regain your position with few improvements.

How to salvage long tail keyword from your seed keyword

  • In the First step, go to free Google keyword planner tool. Insert your seed keyword in the box naming “search for new keywords and …..”


  1. Now, choose your preferred location (if applicable) and time set. You can include any specific term if you want to see keywords with that term only. Then click on get ideas.
  2. Now you will get so many keyword suggestions under “Keyword By relevance” Field.
  3. Go for “Avg. monthly searches”. Thus, the rows will be sorted with less searched keywords showing first. As long tail keywords are tend to be searched less, you will see your desired type of keyword in the first list. From here, you can salvage many long tailed but less competitive keywords. Choose some keywords that have at least 300 monthly visitors. Keep in mind that the keywords you are choosing should be relevant to one another. After doing competitor analysis, create content making the best placement of the keywords in your content.

This way you can get numerous long tail keywords and bring quality traffic to your website.

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