Misconceptions on google rankings
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Misconceptions on google rankings

November 18, 2014

Misconceptions on google rankingsWe have done the disclosure in a sequential order so that you get the truth once and for all.

The seo submissions

There has been a lot of misunderstanding on the use of the submission forms in this time and age. This was the case in the time period prior to 2001. After this year, the main search engines have declared them virtually useless. This has, in fact been taken over by the back linking concept.

The Meta tags

In the recent past, the Meta tags were an integral part of the google rankings. The inclusion of keywords in the Meta tag would mean higher seo rankings. Presently, this has been spammed and major search engines no longer give credit for Meta tags in their rankings.

Keyword stuffing

This is one of the main pandemics that has persistently bedeviled seo ranking platform. Despite a lot of ceaseless clarifications on the concept of keyword density, many have continued to trust that keyword density indeed impacts google rankings. The truth on this is, just as it has always been, that the more the keywords in a webpage, the more chances of it being spam.

Spending on search engine advertising improves organic ranking

This is yet another conspiracy theory that won many souls. This has never had the least of impact in improving seo rankings by any of the leading search engines. All these are but anecdotal stories that detract seo experts from the truth. They have no real grip on the ground.

These misconceptions are better clarified upon than left in the dark. Seo rankings have special attachment to some particular factors. The above mentioned fall far below the said factors.

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