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April 12, 2015

A sentence rephraser is a program that can paraphrase, reword, rework and/or revise sentences, passages, articles, substance, words and/or phrases into a more intricate, strange or convoluted alternative, while conveying the same message. It’s about the same thing, but in different words. Sometimes it could sound fancier, more intelligent or easier to understand. You can find software like this all around the web. Just Google-it and choose the one that fits you best. It’s about enjoying a whole new way to communicate in English!

Sometimes dictionaries are simply not enough. Or they can get confusing. Sentence rephraser is designed to clear the meaning of a text. When you rephrase a sentence, a phrase or a whole chapter, the outcome matches the original sense. Usually, the rephrased text is highlighted and it’s placed among with the original word or expression.



Sentence rephraser is in handy whenever you want to rephrase a sentence. “Rewordify” yourself, reinvent your language, get original, be different – all this only few clicks away! If you don’t have the dictionary in your pocket or the English expert around, this software can enhance your text. With this amazing program the possibilities are endless. You can say the same thing in so many different ways, creating unique content in instants. This can be useful if you have a blog, if you want to rewrite an essay, basically to any textual content.

In this speed century that we`re living in, get boring for one second and no one will read or listen to what you have to say. So, this software it can be also useful to speakers, adapting their speech at the proper level of the audience. Take also in consideration that it is almost free, online and intuitive.



You can rely on sentence rephraser if you just want to understand more when you read something. Also, it is useful if you want or need to learn more words. It helps you save time and improve outcomes of your learning. Only one program, of the many available on internet, helped more than 1,2 million people to improve their vocabulary in an alternative way. Reading comprehension can also be improved. Just think about the vast number of technical terms from different domains that puts you in difficulty.

If you are a teacher here’s a possible scenario: your students don`t understand very clearly the meaning of an article. Using a solution like sentence rephraser can actively improve the students’ level of understanding using their own preferred list of words. It can also improve the speed of learning process. Or it can help enrich their vocabulary. A study was conducted to evaluate how useful it’s this technology. Students who were using rephraser improved their vocabulary and made less learning errors. The minutes of reading tripled and were more efficient in terms of understanding.

Take away messages

Sentence rephraser is useful for everyone. It’s useful if you just need to quickly understand something that’s out of you common language. Or outside your area of expertise.

Most of all, it can help you express clearly, efficiently or just in a different manner than the rest of the people.

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