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March 17, 2015

When you are going to hire a seo expert for your website, you should look for someone who is expert in that position. Someone who is having a longer experience for the specific work, he could be called as a seo expert. But the problem is how you can be so sure that the person you are going to hire for your seo consultancy is really a seo expert!

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Once you are discussing with a seo worker about the project, just play some mind game with him by asking some questions. It can’t be irritating, because the person should prove that he/she is really a seo expert.

First of all, check that who wear his past client and how much they was satisfied from his service. It’s not so difficult; you can presume this by just asking him about his past work experience. But some key features are still remaining.

Does he care about your contents?

  • - A seo expert will care about the content, but he should be more careful with the link building. Because whatever the content is, without a good link building it will not reach to the potential customers as expected.
  • What he thinks about Google’s SEO initiative?
  • - Recently the largest search engine GOOGLE has launched a new initiative program, which will put the companies who are paying for links in penalty. The main thing you should know that how your seo expert will fight with google to stop the seo benefits that link building will bring.
  • How he will improve your search engine rankings?
  • - Normally some seo workers don’t like to open up their methods in details. As per caution of Rand Fishkin, they should explain their strategy of work to you. Of course you have full rights to know that what they are going to do with your website to increase its search engine ranking.
  • Is there any fastest method to generate links?
  • - Actually there is no fastest or easy way to build links. But if your vendor is not a real seo expert, then he will describe you some easy and fast methods to generate links with proud. You should be cleaver here. Play dumb with them, then you will be able to identify who is the real seo expert is.
  • Is he following the Webmasters Guidelines of search engines?
  • - All the search engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing have a webmasters guideline. Some very common seo tricks are really banned by that. A seo expert will always abide those regulations. Because if you are not following that, your website could be having very bad position in search engines or it could also be totally banned by the search engines.
  • Is he or his organization selling link building service?
  • - Be careful about it. Never hire someone who or his company is doing business by selling link building service. As per the past history, anyone who did that was thrown away from the business.
  • Is their relation with clients are long lasting?
  • - If a client is purely satisfied with his service, of course they will make a long term business with him. So it’s good for you to know the duration of the business between your so called seo expert and his past clients. It will give you a good indication of his honesty and legality.

Even these questions will help, but still the best idea to find a real seo expert is your own intelligence. Always be sure about their fees, for what they charge, how much they charge. Otherwise you will lose some important pennies and also a good seo service.

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