SEO Guide: How to make Search Engines love your Web site
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SEO Guide: How to make Search Engines love your Web site

October 14, 2014

SEO Guide: How to make Search Engines love your Web siteWant to learn neat tips that help you in making your website rank higher in Search Engines? Here is an article that can help you.

Online marketing is a great way to boost your business and stand in this competitive world. You must have seen several links if you type anything in the search bar in any search engine, just think by having the link there how beneficial would it be for you as billions of people will view it which means tremendous marketing, plus the chances of customers getting multiplied hence the gate of success unlocked.

Here We Start the Game!

All this game revolves around the SEO (Search Engine Optimization), this basically is a process in which the visibility of the website to the people who are browsing is affected. Google, Yahoo, Bing, or any other search engine scans the data that is already there on the internet or is uploaded on a daily basis, then it searches and tries to match the phrase entered by the searcher and shows up the most appropriate link.

The Use of Keywords

There are some points you need to know about SEO. The most important thing is that there is a keyword (the phrase, not only a single word) in an SEO article which raises the link in the search engine’s list, if the is key word present, then the article would be beneficial e.g. a store owner can add “our Palm Springs store” instead of “our store”.

No Plagiarism means 100% Original Content

Next in my SEO guide comes the rule of totally avoiding plagiarism, which means your content should be unique and not copied from anywhere otherwise the search engine would reject it.

URL Shortening

Shortening your URLs can be helpful for both search engines and people which can raise the rank of your website. Whenever you upload anything on the internet make sure you make things easier for Search engines because that will force search engines to display your website link in higher in the list. Last but not the least keep things up to date as it has a major impact on things when you are doing SEO.

Remember all these points and you’ll make search engines love your website. I hope you found my SEO guide helpful

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