Seo ranking factors – rank correlation 2014 for google
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Seo ranking factors – rank correlation 2014 for google

November 11, 2014

Seo ranking factors – rank correlation 2014 for googleThere has been a lot of discussions on the various factors that are used in google rankings. The true details for rank correlations in 2014 are hard to come by. We have however, used our intelligence sources an in depth studies to come up with some of the factors that are core in google rankings.

Which are the factors?

  • Brand names
  • Social networks
  • Good content
  • Back links

Brand names

From our research study, it came out clearly that big brands had an upper hand in the google rankings. Just like the case with previous years, there are particular brand names that had a privileged position in the rankings. If you back link to a strong brand then your site is likely to go up in the ranks.

Social networks

The social media doubtlessly has high google ranking. This trend began in the early 2012 and has continue to date. The simple logic used in the search engine’s eye is that activity on the social sites is always on the rise. Consequently, the number of shared content rises in correlation to the site’s google rankings. Back linking to such sites implies a rise in your google ranking.

Good content

As one of the seo ranking factors in google, good content implies a careful use of the LSI keywords and the primary keywords. This is to say that if your content is exceptional, it will definitely make your site rank high in google.

Back links

This is at the heart of providing the best google rankings. The more backlinks you have to reputable sites, the better positioned the site. This is one of the seo ranking factors that has remained relevant in google to date.

These factors need to be considered together if the particular site is to get the best google ranking. Give them a try!!!

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