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May 13, 2015

Seo is not a single task; rather it is comprised of so many seo tasks. There are many technical debates on how the search engines analyze and store HTML. If you’re are owning or managing a medium size website, this type of thoughts must be roaming in your mind. Especially small business websites are not doing too much on-site seo and sometimes not at all. Because of that they are losing high traffic rate and better search engine ranking. If you are one of them, then there are some seo tasks which you can do to keep your website in an affordable position. These tasks are pretty easy to maintain.

  • Identifying demand:
  • In order to have a good place in search engines ranking, you should make your website search engine friendly by using the keywords which is mostly being used in the search engines. Just do some research; Google is having a ‘free keyword tool’, which you can use to know the competition level in Google AdWords. If you are a beginner, you should not pick a keyword, which is having more than 300 searches every month. Also choose a keyword which is really relevant with your website and products. Keep in mind that you should make the customer stay in your page longer once they land here.
  • Good content creation:
  • Whatever the size of your site is, big or small. If you are not having contents of great quality, it’s not going to help you anyway. You have to create a very good quality of posts, articles, blogs or products. Otherwise individual customers will not be so interested to your website. In this type of business you have to hold your customers in any way. This seo task is very useful to stick customers in your page to fulfill the targeted traffic rate. So always be careful about this matter. Remember a good quality of contents is the key reason to bring visitors to your site. There are some topics which can make really huge public engagements like: Politics, Controversy, Humor etc. You can pick one of these tricks to get peoples run to your website.
  • Content Tuning:- Reviewing your keywords solidity, title tag, meta tags and URLs etc.- You can include the necessary hyperlinks of other related contents and some on-site information preferences.
  • - If you are having any special features on the page such as videos applying authorship and schema attributes.
  • - You can make the content more attractive by putting some related images also.
  • The major number of on-site SEO is always heavily focusing on this matter. This seo task you should do for each content to make them more attractive. You can do such things like:
  • Promote and Track:
  • You should always make the contents measurable. Then you will be able to track their performance and stability as well. This tracking will help you to decide which part of your site needs more promotion. This seo task is not so difficult. You can repeat a content after a few weeks again on the first page if you are not satisfied with its last performance. Also you can promote them by sharing to some social networking marketplaces to highlight them more to the peoples view.

These seo tasks could help you to improve your sites performance as well. Once you are having a low budget business, then these easy tasks can really help you without hiring some other expert with more costs. All the control could be on your hand in this way.

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