Skyrocket your SEO rank with high pr backlinks
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Skyrocket your SEO rank with high pr backlinks

November 6, 2015

Search engine optimization is not just related to keywords and targeting the right audience rather it is a much greater mix than that. Over the years, SEO has changed from being a simple process to a really complex and intense algorithmic concept. The planning and implementation of SEO has changed dramatically since Google tightened its grip on spam and websites which were bent on duping people. Today, SEO can only be effective if your methods are clean and ethical; any attempt to cross the guidelines will result in penalization of your website or blog.

Create the right mix

Apart from the usual keyword research and quality assurance for the content produced SEO expert need to work to get high pr backlinks. Previously backlinks were something quite different, the idea was to get links from wherever they came no matter how authentic or unethical it may be but the addition of a link meant a rise in your overall search engine ranking. Now, Google has revised the policy and made it clear that the best way to build links is to get them through proper genuine channels.

All Links are High PR links

Not all links are high pr backlinks rather one must first understand what PR actually is. PR stands for Page Rank, so it basically means getting back links from those websites which already have a higher page rank than your website. Websites can have a pr from 0 to 10 with zero being the lowest and ten being the highest. So if you page ranks at 2, then every link that has a higher page rank than your website will improve your performance in major search engines and give your website a boost in the SERPs.

However, this does not imply that links from pages which are below your page ranks mean nothing. No, this is not the case. But it is possible, that the links from those pages may not have the same positive effect as those links that you built on higher page rank websites. Getting high pr backlinks quickly is difficult and Google understands this too, so it counts all the back links that you make for your website.

A word of caution!

Do not get overboard with link building for if Google notices a specific pattern or senses over optimization then you might face penalties from the search engine giant. Secondly, the worst you could do to destroy your website is to indulge in unethically pursuing links from websites around the website. This is what Google hates and is now intelligent enough to quickly identify such websites and banning them altogether in extreme cases.

Try creating high quality back links and stick to your plan with focus and consistency because it is a long process. It is time taking but will get you your desired results in the end. It is impossible to get 2000 links at once, slowly build your links and create content that deserves being back linked.

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