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Some recommended SEO tips for the bloggers

November 24, 2014

Some recommended SEO tips for the bloggersHere check out some of the most important blog post seo tips to rank better in search engine. If you are a blogger or going to start blogging, nothing is more important than being aware of these tips.

“Content is king”

The single most important for the blog posts is the quality of the writing as long as it comes under the focus of Optimization on the search engine.  Quality content often draws the visitor to share your writing.

Anticipate the idea of people’s searching

Every time you write down a blog it is essential that you should consider the choice of words or phrases that people might put into search engines in order to find the relevant information. The seo tips help to use those words for seo writing.   Once it is clear to you the application of the words,  you are in a position to place yourself for the search.

The Titles and the titles only

The search engines like google gives particular importance to titles. So, be sure that you have rightly choosen your title.  The words you make use at the beginning of a title be likely to hold extra weight as compared to the words you use afterward in your title.

Link to Your Own Posts

Never over do “linking”, but it is great to have a link from other site as it increases the blog ranking in the search engine.  Interlink your blog posts for sharing wherever the readers can locate further information related to your topic wherever relevant. Consider to link the posts on your blog from other places like front page, side bar etc.


The WordPress bloggers should have seo plugins. There a lot of plugins if you are on this platform.  Use them to make your blogs look as seo writing. As a blogger it should be your only aim to provide the reader with best information.

What you should know as bloggers

  1. Traffic is the most important part of your blog, though the amount of traffic from search engines varies from blog to blog.
  2. But search engine traffic is not everything. You should not be preoccupied by the Search only. It has amazing potential no doubt, but the sites develop best if there are variety of traffic.
  3. Learning and being aware of the Seo tips is very imperative.
  4. Review your previous content that is failed to rank, considering the related key words

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