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The basic link building strategy in SEO

February 14, 2015

Link building strategy: Link building strategy is the most important and also the most challenging of all the SEO skill .It would not be wrong if we say that it’s the combination of many different skills and eventually if you want other people to consistently link to your site you need to master skills like content creation,sales and also the phychology.Link building is a must if you are looking for a more search engine traffic. Link building is an art. Its the most challenging and also one of the most critical. You should be creative and the same time you need to have a budget of your own. Just as the no two lines on our hand  can be same in the same way no two link building campaign can be same.

Commonly there are majorly three basic link building strategies which can be explained as follows:

1 “Natural” Editorial links :  These are the links that are given naturally by sites and pages that want to link to your content or company. These require no specific action other than the creation of unique material  and the ability to create awareness about it.

2 Manual “Outreach” Link Building : These are created by emailing bloggers for links, submitting sites to directories or even for paying for listing of any kind which is done by SEO. The SEO creates  a preposition which is of great value by explaining why creating the  link target is useful for them.

3 Self – created, Non – editorial : To start with thousands of websites offer any visitor the opportunity to create links through guest book signings, forum signatures, blog comments,  and even user profiles. These links offer the lowest value, but in aggregate they still have an impact for some sites. Normally search engines continue to defame a large number of these types of links, and have been known to restrict sites that pursue these links aggressively. In today world’s these types of links are often considered spammed and should be dealt with caution.

Five examples of link building strategies:

1 Get your customers to link to you: If you have loyal customers that love your brand, you can use this as an advantage by giving out partnership badges – graphic icons that link back to your site.

  1. Build a company blog: This content and link building strategy is so famous and valuable that it is one of the few recommended personally by the engineers at Google.

3 Create content that inspires viral sharing and natural linking: In the SEO world we call it “linkbait”. These  leverages aspects of usefulness or humor to create a viral effect – users who see it once want to share it with friends.

  1. Be newsworthy: Earning the attention of the press and news media is an effective and time honored way to earn links.

The link building activities you involve in depend largely on the type of site you’re working with

As far as the smaller sites are concerned manual link building, including directories, link requests, and link exchanges may be a part of the equation but with larger sites, these tactics tend to fall flat and more scalable solutions are required.

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