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The basics of SEO friendly web designs and development

November 6, 2014

The basics of SEO friendly web designs and developmentThe human perception of content really differ a great deal. This is to mean that there are particular tricks that can be used to bridge the gap between humans and the search engine. Plainly speaking, here are some of the must-read tips on making that SEO content human and search engine friendly. The most important ones are: how to get backlinks, indexable content and the use of Meta tags.

  1. Indexable content

This is the first step in SEO friendly web design and development. The search engines have spiders that crawl the web in search of the right format of content. This is to say that the web content must be in the HTML format. Anything else will be overlooked!!

It is important to note that many sites have issues with indexable content. Use the Google cache, SEO-browser or the MozBar to ascertain the components of your content that are indexable to the search engine.

  1. Get backlinks that are relevant

The crawlable link technique makes it very easy for the search engine to trace the path of a content in a website. If the webpage is structured in a manner that the search engine is unable to trace then, it goes without saying that this will affect the ranking for the given content. To get backlinks from reputable sites is an added advantage.

Appropriate keyword use and targeting

The search engines have a way of keeping their searches to pages that have the relevant keyword based indices. This is to say that if your content is to be in the search engine list of ranks then keyword is very vital. These most be used with a lot of caution, lest your content be marked as spam due to keyword stuffing.

  1. The use of meta tags

This is what catches that attention of the reader to pick on a particular content online. The Meta tags provide a proxy for the information in a particular web content.

These are the very basics of SEO friendly web design and development for you. Now you know what it means to have the most relevant web content that will attain higher search engine rankings.

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