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The Intricacies of Blogs SEO

February 17, 2015

Search engine optimization (SEO) is very important to any successful blogging campaign due to which it should be implemented in the right way. SEO itself is quite intricate for various reasons.

You might get a short term boom by buying links if your website is already popular, but you’re still taking a risk here.

Many bloggers   try to target the same topic with a variation of essentially very similar keywords. For instance, ‘make money online and online money making with your facebook account are quite similar but creating a   different page for each keyword would not add much value to your site.

For example, if you write a post titled ‘What Is A Nice Blog And How Do I Create It?’ your title tag should be more focused towards a keyword, perhaps something like ‘What Is A Nice Blog?’ with ‘a nice blog’ being a possible keyword.

While many bloggers depend on content to grow their blog, there are some who are obsessed with the design of their blog. Please do not misunderstand  you don’t have a striking design some visitors won’t be attracted to your website and at the same time using too many graphics ,design or images will occupy all the space on your page and slow it down.

Blogs SEO services that offer free hosting such as Blogger, Hub Pages and many others, can offer a decent platform and an excellent value. However, they are not compatible enough to be able to adjust the Plug-ins, themes, and other extensions you truly desire for superior SEO results.


Probably one of the most common blogs SEO mistakes is common stuffing. It is very unethical and would also hurt your rankings as far as searching on the web is concerned. If you really want to rank for few keywords always create a separate page for each keyword and optimize for it accordingly. Instead  of using hidden matter always emphasis on creating useful pages. Trying to manipulate a search engine like Google is a big loss.

Do not restrict yourself

Many websites, especially blogs, suffer from posts that are brief in their presentation. How good can a matter be if it’s written at just 300- 400 words? Writing very short posts hurts reader ‘s loyalty plus your page could be considered as below quality standards when it comes to SEO rankings.

Link Building

There is not only one right way to optimize your posts for the search engine, but there are numerous  proven methods you can use. For example if we take into consideration link building, several bloggers make the mistake of only linking to the front page of their website. On the contrary you should build links that also point to your top, most popular posts. There is always something  new to learn about SEO, so make sure your   knowledge is up to date by reading useful articles.

Be Descriptive

We all witness additional   blogs SEO mistakes regularly, such as the implementation  of generic descriptions for posts, not updating the sitemap, kill pages and grammatical errors in various site contents. Most of all, we see posts that lacks organisation and simply contain too much text without classification of any sort, such as spacing or headings. That’s simply unattractive   and unappealing to our  readers. It takes away from the overall experience, and the quality of your website will be gone for a toss. These blog SEO mistakes may seem basic to some but shouldn’t be overlooked or ignored. Always consider evaluating your blog right away to ensure that your overall SEO is in check.

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