The Penguin Penalty and its impact on how we do SEO? (penguin penalty)
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The Penguin Penalty and its impact on how we do SEO? (penguin penalty)

November 10, 2015

The Penguin penalty is one of the toughest and one of the most important changes in algorithms that Google has performed after the Panda update in 2011. However, these changes are not sudden rather they are part of a long term strategy that Google has with other website and its customers i.e. the people searching for content online. The penguin penalty has affected many websites and has caused some serious implications on them thus terrifically damaging their profits or traffic which they had previously built.

Why Google Penguin Was a good initiative?

If you feel that the penguin penalty has been a unfair decision then you should know that there were many people who were badly affected by it due to their outright violations of Google’s guidelines and TOS. These websites had to be contained as they were hindering the searchers with poor search results which would mean that Google would lose its customers, something it would never want. Google keeps working on improving the standard of searches for its customers and the penguin update was a serious step in that direction. It is estimated that it had affected approximately 3% of its searches thus bringing a lot many websites in the process from their high rankings.

So who were slapped with then Penguin Penalty?

So why did Google do this? And why were websites terribly affected by it? Well, the answer to this is extremely simple because they did not follow Google’s guidelines and resulted in over optimizing their sites so that they would rank higher. Over-optimization meant getting spam backlinks which would get them higher ranking before the penguin penalty was imposed. Such sites which had spam backlinks were affected the most because Google had clearly stated that it was wrong to get back links through exchange or paid programs.

After the penguin was imposed, such websites witnessed a clear dip in their rankings while some even went as low as getting almost banned. Nevertheless, it reaped lots of lessons for the average SEO expert and changed the way people performed search engine optimization. So what did we really learn from the penguin update? Following are some of the points which need to emphasize to avoid the penguin penalty or re-establish your website’s higher ranking.

Follow the Checklist to Avoid Getting Penalized

– First of all, it must be made sure that you agree and appropriately follow Google’s guidelines. Do not try to dupe Google for it will have the last laugh anyway.

– Stop over-targeting keywords to your homepage, change them or try to make them look as natural as possible. Correct any unwanted footer links as well.

– Link your website and its pages to content that is relevant to it rather than aimlessly linking it with websites that do not have anything common with your site’s content.

– Quit the link exchange program you have been using it is against Google’s policies. See step 1.

– Quality of your textual content is the key. Keep your spellings and grammar as polished as possible for the Google crawlers always prefer high quality over poor content.

– Stay away from plagiarized content as it is the best way to be afflicted with the penguin penalty. Create your own content and keep it original. The idea is that 4/5th of the content should be unique.

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