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Tips for awesome SEO friendly content

November 28, 2014

Tips for awesome SEO friendly contentFrom proper paragraphing, language command to SEO friendly content. All these are just attributes that point to writing reader engaging content. So which are some of the tips for awesome SEO writing?

Tips for engaging SEO writing

Some of the tips may appear basic yet, very crucial in the long run. Some of the tips are as follows:

  • Clear structure

Have a prior idea about the content that you want to write on. This should relate to the topic, the body and the message itself. This sounds so obvious, right? You won’t believe the number of online content that fall short of this standard!!

  • Use paragraphs and headings

This is a secret for making your content very appealing to the reader. The paragraphs and headings make your points really conspicuous, even to that unsuspecting eye.

  • Do lengthy content with appropriate keyword density

For SEO-friendly content, 300 words should be the minimum word count. In addition, the content should have the keywords adequately distributed in the content.

  • Use the WordPress SEO writing plugin

This is the best alternative that will assist you in balancing the keywords in your content. The WordPress has no room for substandard stuff. You have to just up-scale it ti the minimum standards.

  • Add new content often and link

This is the simple trick that search engines like Google use to distinguish and live from inactive websites. The more often you post new content to a website the more likely you are to rise up above sites that have no new contents. For the new contents that you add, try to link the old content so that the reader can always find some sort of assistance, if need be, from the previous content.

SEO friendly content are not easy to deal with especially if one is new in the field. The above mentioned tips will assist one in getting the requisite ideas on how to do SEO writing.

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