Top SEO blogs tips for the newbie
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Top SEO blogs tips for the newbie

November 18, 2015

The internet is a big place and by big we mean enormous. There is tons of content that is continuously flowing through it and every day someone or the other is adding content in it whether it is video, audio, text or images. However, from the SEO point of view it must be clarified that currently the most important piece of the whole content generation process is the text that is associated with your web page as in the case of blogs. So if you are looking for some killer advice on writing top SEO blogs then do read the following paragraphs.

  • Be Natural


Most modern bloggers miss out on creating natural content because of their super-focus on reaching high page ranking and thus more traffic. You need to take this as an opportunity and avoid falling into this trap; be natural when it comes to writing, project your thoughts rather writing totally based on keywords just to achieve higher page ranking. Trust us, too much focus on the keywords results in poor content quality.

  • Unique and Original Content is fine, make it interesting


There are many people around the web creating unique content because they have to do it due to the changes in Google’s algorithms. However, not everyone is creating truly interesting content, so make sure you come up with content that is attractive and useful for the visitors. This way your traffic will increase and the blog will gain recognition and be ranked among the top SEO blogs.

  • Let your ideas flow, give the readers something to enjoy


The internet is loaded with useless content but Google’s slow yet steady strategy to phase out content that is outdated or futile must be recognized. The best way to go about things is to answer a query of your clients and give them the solution to their problem. Or you could generate and write about your ideas but in a way that is enjoyable to the general visitor.

  • Keep away from Keyword Obsession


Even though terrific changes have taken place over the years in the world of SEO, people are still inclining towards old tactics of getting the right keyword density over the much more important factor that is content quality. We do no say that keyword targeting is absolutely useless it is still quite important in ranking process but depending too much on it is bad for your blog. All top seo blogs still focus on such factors but their majority concern is the quality of the content.

  • Final Tip for writing Top SEO blogs


Add info-graphics and image content on your blog too, this will help in lengthening the stay of visitors on your site earning your blog a good reputation with Google. This is what matters most, if your visitors click the back button after visiting your site i.e they find nothing useful then it would mean that the search engines will not like your site either.

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