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Traditional SEO Vs Modern SEO

October 23, 2014

Traditional SEO Vs Modern SEOSearch engine optimization has under gone a lot of changes and evolution but the real question is that whether the traditional method is better or the modern one.

Search engine optimization is a widely used method for promoting a website. Many people who are new to it have to learn it and master its skills, especially after the evolution and advancements search engine optimization has gone through it has become even more difficult and challenging. Traditionally search engine optimization used to very simple and there was nothing much that the webmaster had to do to bring his website’s rank up and increase the websites popularity. Afterwards search engine optimization didn’t stay so simple and had some complications added to it.

The 1990’s SEO

Traditionally there was only one web browser “Netscape Navigator” and it was introduced in 1993. In the beginning search engine optimization was very simple and people who were new to it didn’t have to learn much and they would automatically become masters of search engine optimization. Before search engine optimization was very simple, the webmaster only had to pick the appropriate keyword and domain name, after that he would submit his website to the search engine and that was it. No doubt search engine optimization was much simpler and the person didn’t need special SEO tips for pulling it off.

SEO In The Future

Google is the main culprit behind the new and complex methods of search engine optimization. The people who were masters at traditional search engine optimization now had to lessons and SEO tips to earn the new ways of search engine optimization. With all the updates Google brought with itself search engine optimization became more effective but also difficult and complex, this is not liked by many people because it just gets too much hectic. Search engine optimization had never been so much difficult since the interference of Google and that is why more people are going towards social media marketing.

It is now clear that modern search engine optimization is very difficult and people are still fans of the traditional method.

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