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Trends Of SEO-How They Affect Search Engine Ranking

October 24, 2014

Trends Of SEO-How They Affect Search Engine RankingSEO has changed a lot over the years and is continuing to bring new trends on the internet. In this article we will discuss the rapid change in SEO trends,

Search engine optimization (SEO) trends have always been affected by the advancements in search engines. Google is the world’s most popular and most used search engine since the past few decades and its popularity is increasing day by day. Webmasters nowadays have to work very hard in order to promote their websites and gain higher rankings on Google. Due to so many changes in search engine algorithms search engine optimization (SEO) is becoming even more challenging. Scoring a high rank in the search engine is not an easy task nowadays but before it used too much more easily. Before Google launched SEO was very easy and webmasters only had to put in the right keyword, write the correct content and submit the website.

Article Promotion

Article promotion was a heavily used technique during the 2005-2006 and used to get high rankings for the website. People used to submit their articles on several hundreds of websites which would in turn let the website raise its rank. This was widely used until search engines started to rate these articles as duplicates and copy-pasted material. Search engines have made search engine optimization (SEO) challenging because they want to secure their ranking algorithms and earn more profits every day through PPC.

Content Quality

Another trend that plays a significant part in the search engine ranking is the quality of the blogs, articles and all over content of your website. A decade ago it was so easy to just copy and paste some content in you website and still have a good rank, but nowadays this is not working any more, your content must be original to get the attention of search engines. Furthermore, if the content is unauthentic then the search engine will label you as a spammer and will stop displaying your website on the search engine result page. The best way is to hire a professional content writer to maintain your blog so that your website remain authentic, unique and informative.

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