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April 2, 2015

If you are a website owner and looking for the right search engine optimization packages then you must be planning to hire seo service to develop the visibility of your site. Once you plan for that so, you might look for a SEO package to have some tasks to need finished in one bundle. Lot of seo service providers is having many package services for the clients. However, if you are not sure about the search engine optimization packages well, then you might be getting confused. Check this article till the bottom; you will be known about some seo packages here as well.

  • Basic/Beginner Packages:
  • Search engine optimization packages are being assembled and calculated as per the size of the website and the tasks needed to be done. You have to decide which package to take as per your budget and desire. When you or your website is in the starting level and your budget is low then you can go for this package. This bundle is actually not containing all the features of seo, but the most necessary tasks get covered. For this package, you should pay 300-500$ (depends on the service provider). It will do the tasks for you like;
    • Site-wide optimization: Initial Link Review / Rank checking, detailed seo plan, Keywords research and analysis, Competitive Analysis, Search engine optimization, HTML & XML creation etc.
  • On-page optimization: It includes Meta Tags & Page Headers, Directory, URL, Navigation, Anchor Tag & Image Optimization, Content Optimization Suggestion etc.
  • Off-page Optimization: It includes Search Engine Submission, Directory Submission, Link Building, “No Follow” Link Check etc.
  • Other: Others include Once a month ranking analysis, Online Marketing suggestions, Email Support etc.


These are the basic Search engine optimization packages including’s. Some features could be plus or minus as per the service provider you choose. However, in common these are expected.

  • Regular Package:
  • This package type is for them who are able to pay a regular amount for the service. When your budget is enough for some more and extra service in seo work the you can go for this package. There are not too many changes in this bundle. Search engine optimization packages almost all the same. However, the quantity of service is just being different. Like where the basic package is doing ranking analysis for once a month, for this package is maybe two. But some extra features which might be included new is like; Homepage optimization, Social media optimization, Google analytics setup, Webmaster and yahoo site explorer setup, Google analytics setup etc. Also the seo company could add some more or less features in it as their demand. For this type of package you might be able to pay 400-600$. The period of the contract is also depends on the provider.


  • Premium Package:
  • This bundle might not be including any major new feature. This one works like a booster of all other search engine optimization packages. All the features of this pack could be the same, but the quantity and number of service and analysis might be double or triple. Some providers will maybe add some extra things in it. But approximately the fees for this pack could be 500-1000$ (or more) depending on the promises of your seo service provider.

These are the common search engine optimization packages, which are being served by maximum seo service providing companies. But many companies are dividing these packages into 5 or more packages to make them affordable for the clients. So you can find once of your budget very easily.

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