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April 22, 2015

You have heard many seo experts emphasizing on unique content all the time. You can create unique content in many ways. However, that is not all; your content should add value for your users. No matter how high you rank on Google search results, if your content is not serving value to your visitors they will just hit the back button and increase your bounce rate. It is true that you can optimize your article and make rank high in SERPs, but leaving your content only up to that does not brings value to your visitors. As a result, the user does not find it useful and do not share the content or do not link to your content.

If your content is relevant and quality then users comment on your content, click share button and give credit for helping them with good content.

Before you start discussing what is unique content, first let us know what duplicate content is.

  • Duplicate content


Duplicate content is a content that closely resembles or similar to others content. Content could be anything-including text, images, videos etc.

  • Why it is bad to create duplicate content?


First, if you create content just copying texts from other sites, it indicates you stole it. When Google comes to your site and crawl it, it will find that you are duplicating others content and in consequence, punish you for this crime. Google does not allow supplicate content to index and keep the information duplicate free.

  • When is it permissible to copy from other website?


If you want to cite direct text or information from other website/source for authority/trust issue, you can copy paste an article but you have to cite the source in your article form where you have brought this information.

  • How much unique content should be there on your site?


There is no reliable answer to this question. None can say that, you can rewrite to 60% or 70% new content. However instead focus on serving users with value. Just focus on quality of your content, when you do that the content will appear unique by itself. However, it does not necessarily mean that you cannot use quotes. Use supplementary information where needed with real source.

  • How to check if your content is 100% unique.


There are so many free tools online that you can check your contents uniqueness. The most used ones are mentioned below.

  1. COPYSCAPE: with this tool you can check if your article is 100% unique. What you need to do is just go to this website. Then put the url of your content and click on go.
  2. Plagiarism checker by small seo tools: if you have not published your content yet, you can check your articles uniqueness with this tool. For this, go to this link and then all you have to do is copy paste your content in the text field of this tool and check for plagiarism.

This is how you can create unique content for your website.

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