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What are SEO values?

February 26, 2015

SEO values: You should take your time with clients and who asses your core SEO values to make them a part of the cycle. You only work with clients who are as serious with their clients as you are with yours.  By doing this, you feel like a team with your customers and know that they believe in your SEO Values and SEO Services.

 Honesty  : It sounds strange, but it’s not an exaggeration.  You will always be up front with your clients throughout the process and even after it is done. It’s relevant and important for you to know where your project stands as far as priority, time involved, cost involved as well as be readily available to answer any questions you have in a timely fashion.  You would not hide anything about what you do from our clients.  Getting results to your client is your utmost priority. One simply cannot do that without a policy of transparency. Along with transparency comes trust. As a matter of fact your biggest asset with your clients is trust.  Without it you cannot move swiftly and take fast action when/where fast action is necessary. You are accessible and accountable and the best way to know is to ask your clients.

  1. EducateJust like any business that witness the need to invest time and money into the development and growth of their business, so should you.  SEO services are always on the flow and ever changing. Clients you work with end up utilizing you for much more than normal SEO services and because these factors, you invest important time and money into the honing and development of your skills with the help of seminars, reading, subscriptions etc. to make sure your clients are being offered the very latest in SEO services. In addition to all this, you should take great strides to educate your clients so they can understand and appreciate the need to maintain a standard of best practices on their site.
  1. ListenAfter all it’s your business (your website and your customers).You should take ample time to listen to your clients, understand their business, evaluate their competition and address their concerns.  By doing this, you would be able to bring non-generic tailor made suggestions and solutions to the table.
  1. Perform -By maintaining an open line of communication and mapping out a strategy in a well thought out and organized manner, you are able to perform to your client’s expectations.  Not to be confused with guarantees you perform to the set of expectations laid out. As your client’s website properly evolves with you and also will your expectations, as they should. Please ensure however that for your site to evolve as such, it must be achieved organically and tactfully which doesn’t happen too soon.
  1. Ethical SEO Practices – The world of SEO is filled with un-ethical SEOs which affects the SEO values  un-ethical SEO puts your company in major risk.

These are the major SEO values which one can incorporate.

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