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What is manual link building in SEO?

March 1, 2015

Link Building and its importance in SEO

The process of creating links in order to promote a website and also to improve rankings in the ‘search engine results pages (SERPs) is called link building. Next there is one more important term called the “ link earning” which is to create good quality content so as to earn links naturally.

Manual link building strategies that will always exist  : For a good number of years any kind of manual link building was a blooming link building strategy. However there was an ambiguity in the decision that manual link building would not work as Google started penalizing the sites which had unnatural link profiles.

Correct blog comments  :  As a matter of fact comments still harness a lot of power and value as a way of adding links, as long as you place them on sites who have high authority. Your blog comment has to be compatible and relevant to the content on that certain blog. If you’re just going on a site that not relate to it’s comment section and has lots of links pointing to lots of uncertain sites it is just not going to work .

Guest Blogging: Another type of manual link building that will always exist if done in a proper manner is guest blogging. It’s been in news for a while now given the fact that it changed over time into a spammed strategy of creating links. Guest Blogging will always be a successful strategy if applied smartly. You may use guest blogging as a means of increasing awareness in your niche. Its very well understood that being relevant to the site’s topic and readers is a must.

Worthwhile press releases : As far as the ranking of the search ranking is concerned press release can be both  good and bad.

The truth is most manual link building strategies have become a way of manipulating Google’s search results and as a result they are not considered worthy. The ones that still exist are tolerated because they are still offering valuable content if executed properly. The internet is full of useless junk links that don’t serve anybody any good. Manual link building is becoming more of an ancient way of massively altering a site’s rank in Google. It’s not an easy job to create a meaningful content and then raising everything to be at a high quality level without regarding any link building strategy. But at the end of the day, that’s what makes you a face in the crowd. There are some people who will consider any link to be worthy enough, they may be right. However, given that we now understand links don’t all carry the same weight it should be clear that securing links that carry a lot of weight will have a much bigger impact on your web pages obviously than the links carrying little or no weight.

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