What Is The Future Of SEO
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What Is The Future Of SEO?

October 30, 2014

What Is The Future Of SEOWhat will be the future of SEO? Is a common question which will be answered in this article?

Search engine optimization (SEO) has stayed the primary choice of many webmasters for marketing their websites and increasing their ranks on the search engine result page. People usually want to optimize their websites according to the leading search engine which is used by many people at once; nowadays Google is the number one search engine so people usually do search engine optimization according to Google’s algorithms. Google introduced many algorithms for search engine optimization since it was launched, first there was Penguin and Panda which was followed by hummingbird but Google didn’t stop there it is still introducing more and more algorithms which is making search engine optimization even more complicated. The real question after so many upgrades and advancements is that “What will be the future of search engine optimization?”

Change in trends

Search engine optimization techniques have never remained same for a long time, the reason being that upgrade are introduced very quickly and people want to optimize their website according to the attest trend and technique. For a long time small businessmen have relied on search engine optimization for getting good ranks on the search engine result page and it is necessary for them to optimize their website according to the latest methods so that the search engine can easily pick their website and give it a good rank on the search engine result page.

Changing Faces Of SEO

In the beginning search engine optimization was divided into two categories. The first category related to the website’s structure while the other related to content, blogs and articles. The rise of social media marketing helped many people to market their website and businesses and this seemed the right thing to do knowing that millions of people visit social media websites every day. So businessmen started using social media to their advantage.

It is not wrong to think that after a few more years search engine optimization might get more and more complicated and people will have to learn the new ways of SEO.

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