What to know about Link building and seo ranking
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What to know about Link building and seo ranking

December 4, 2014

What to know about Link building and seo rankingIn the seo world, link building is all about increasing the capacity and the size of inbound links to a particular webpage. This is an action that is normally aimed at making the particular web page rank higher in the search engine rankings. This should be taken to mean that that seo ranking directly depends on the link building.

Which are the types of link buildings available?

There are many types of link building techniques available. The following are some of the most common techniques;

  • Reciprocal link building technique
  • Resource building technique
  • Forum signature link building technique
  • Blog comment link building

Reciprocal link building

This is a mutual link between 2 sites in a bid to enhance traffic between the said sites. Websites that are link build this way have that advantage of achieving higher seo ranking. As of 2005, google removed reciprocal link building as a technique as one of the factors used in the ranking of websites and webpages. The grounds for the same was that it did not indicate a genuine link popularity.

Resource link building

Resource link building uses a one way or a two way approach in its link categorization. The link categories are the resources or the information. It is one of the yardsticks that google uses in rankings. This type of linking is basically to popular sites and pages. The more of these, the better placed the page or site in the rankings.

The forum signature link building technique

This is basically a technique that flourishes on back link building to websites. The whole concept revolves around forum communities allowing outbound hyperlinks in a member’s signature.

Blog comments

This one does the link building through the use of “do-follow” link. This is normally channeled to individual websites. For seo ranking in google and yahoo, these are not worth crediting for ranking.

There are other link building techniques that are not in our list but yet, are very effective; the social bookmarking link building and the directory link building. The choice of link building and the capacity of the links really count in the seo ranking of webpages and websites.

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