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Why is keyword density necessary for google ranking?

November 6, 2014

Why is keyword density necessary for google rankingThe truth on the real impact of keyword density in SEO content is a matter that is yet to be conclusively decided upon. Among the professional SEOs like Rand Fishkin, keyword density does not even feature anywhere in the google ranking tools. On the contrary, the new SEOs have really taken this to a whole other level. They have divided themselves into camps, those who subscribe to the philosophy that the rankings have some level of dependence on the keyword density and the opposing camp. They are determined to stir unnecessary trouble and mislead to the other unsuspecting new potential SEO writers.

So how exactly does the keyword density affect google ranking?

Because of the use of keywords in SEO contents, google only majors on the Latent Semantic Indexing concept to select the primary keyword that is then thought to be used in the ranking of content.

Content that have a proper flow and distribution of the keywords is seen to be fairly natural compared to the converse. The same logic is seen to select on the keyword stuffed content that normally perceived as spam in the eyes of the search engine –google.

Content that have keywords in the title tag, in the description tag and a few variation in the body. This enhances natural flow, a vital component in google rankings.

  • Keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing refers to including a lot of the keywords in your content. This derails the natural flow in the content. Such content will doubtlessly rank low in the google rankings, if keyword if a google ranking factor.

  • Keyword prominence

Your keywords should come at the beginning. That is in the title, the Meta description, the body and the very end of the content. This is what is referred to as keyword prominence and is also seen as a google ranking factor.

Even though this piece of work has highlighted some of the aspects that relate to keyword density, the real position of keyword density in google rankings remain very elusive.

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