Why Link Farms are Bad Idea for your website
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Why Link Farms are Bad Idea for your website

November 22, 2015

The internet is a big place and there are lots of relevant factors that are playing a role in it apart from the obvious notion that thousands and millions of new sites keep emerging online with the passage of time. However, it is generally well-known that most of the work in the online world revolves around your relationship with the search engine giants as they are the biggest reason behind the failure or success of any website there is.

So the natural question arises how do I develop good ties with these search engines and get my website placed among the top ranks to generate traffic; does online marketing really help? Do I need to engage in link farms? All such questions may start hoarding in your brain unless you find a reasonable solution.

The Need of Organic Traffic

The fact of the matter is that Search Engine giants like Google and others will be the most important factors in getting traffic to your website but you must first understand that it is not a great idea to indulge yourself in link farms to generate that sort of traffic. For this you need to understand the idea behind search engines and there evolution through the years.

Search engines work based on the concept that their target market are the end users who are searching for what they need. This means that their prime motive is to provide them with content that is most useful to them thus it is clear that they are not serving web developers but their users only. In this venture, Google went through major changes as people started misusing the search engine’s algorithms.

The Change in Google’s Algorithmic Make-Up

Initially, Google had a simple keyword density or population based algorithm that would rate and rank pages on the grounds of the number of times a specific keyword was used in it. Unfortunately, many web developers and designers started misusing this aspect and started duping the search engine by adding keywords in their meta tags. This compromised Google’s search results as they were not able to cater to the content demanded by the end-user.

Google then started measuring the ‘popularity’ of websites by keeping an eye on the number of links that website had around the internet for if it had links on various web pages then it would definitely have good content; at least that was the assumption. Instead, people started opting for ‘link farms’ which were websites that were creating for the sole purpose of dumping as many links for your site as possible thus lifting your SERPs ranking; the same would be the case with FFA sites which would allow exchange of links.

Link Farms and Google Penalty

However, to the utter surprise of developers Google’s latest updates wiped off this idea as they had learnt how it was being misused. Google blacklisted sites which had gained rankings through creation of bogus links through these farms and this is the case today. Google does value links but only high quality links which may take time to build but the results they reap would be better than what is done by employing link farms.


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